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Easy and Fun Pizza Customization!

Different pizza toppings on each quarter? No problem! Our Pizza customization tools will simplify pizza ordering for both employees and customers.

Ready to place an order? Use the picture of a pizza on the screen to pick a section of the pie to modify. Menu buttons with pictures of the toppings will help to finish even highly customized orders in no time.

Track Raw Ingredients!

For bakeries, Camaleon has a really useful feature, such as raw ingredient tracking: every time you sell a pastry.

Camaleon will track the amount of sugar/eggs/flour/etc. used to make that product, and let you know when the ingredients are running low.

Camaleon ❤'s Coffee!

When customers walk into your coffee shop, they’re not just looking for the best coffee in town, they want fast service, great quality and excellent customer service.

Our system will help you to customize orders quickly and accurately, stay on top of your inventory levels and build strong customer relationships through a robust loyalty program.

Camaleon Adapts to Your Business Ambience

Camaleon POS has the perfect solution for frozen yogurt, smoothie, and ice cream shops.

Our modern, scalable, easy-to-learn, multi-platform system provides all the necessary features to efficiently run daily frozen yogurt/ice cream shop operations: scale integration to sell by weight (NTEP Certified), simplified ordering with menu billboards, stock levels notifications, customer loyalty program and more.

Your efficiency is our priority!

Drive-Thrus are meant to be quick and convenient. Camaleon’s drive-thru POS solution helps to get the job done in an efficient way from user-friendly cashier screens to seamless checkouts.

During high traffic rush periods, Camaleon’s drive-thru mobile POS functionality enables curbside orders and payment processing. Enhance every aspect of the drive-thru experience with speedy transactions, quick order fulfillment and minimized wait time.