Two clicks is a sale!

  • Features
  • Create customer tabs with a card swipe
  • Transfer and split tabs with fewer touches
  • Set up price schedules for drink specials
  • Track tips and payouts
  • Record drink recipes
  • Mobile solutions for table service
  • Liquor inventory management

Fast-paced environments (like a bar or nightclub) need a POS system that is fast, reliable, and easy to use. That's why with Camaleon 2-clicks complete a sale.

Camaleon was initially created for a nightclub environment, making it a priority from the beginning, starting with the development of dynamic tab creation, split and transfer.

Mobile solutions are especially important for nightclubs. With only few days and few hours a week available to make the most profit, ability to take orders and receive payments at-the-table while operating in a busy environment is most crucial.

Guest list management is a vital feature for any nightclub.  Add the capability to sign up for a VIP list via SMS or email and make your guests feel welcome from the start with a seamless check-in.