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Processing Options

Customized Rate

Attach the latest credit card statement for your business (if available), allowing our team to evaluate your business’s current transaction types and volume. Based on this assessment, we'll provide you with the most favorable rate.

Cash Discount Program

Flat Rate

Card-present 2.50 % + 10 ¢ $35/mo.fee Card-not-present 3.50 % + 10 ¢ $35/mo.fee

Why integrate with Camaleon POS

Minimized Financial Loss

If you ever had cases where the credit card batch amount on your standalone processing device was lower than what was recorded by your POS system, it is probable that the variance was due to employee theft. This may occur when a customer makes a cash payment, but the employee records it as a credit card transaction on the POS system and retains the cash.

Aliona Shadrova
Camaleon COO

Entrepreneurs in the United States incur an average annual cost of $50 billion due to employee theft. Our system eradicates this prevalent issue, safeguarding both you and your financial assets.

Reduced Human Error

When using a credit card terminal that operates independently of your POS system, employees must enter credit card amounts manually for each transaction.

Héctor Villarreal
Camaleon Customer

Entering credit card amounts manually multiple times each day on both the POS system and the credit card terminal not only prolongs checkout times but also results in errors, leading to inaccurate reporting and financial losses. Integrated credit card processing offers a solution to address these challenges.

Faster Support

Integrating credit card processing into your POS system and consolidating support for both POS and merchant services to a single point of contact will result in a decreased time spent on reconciling credit card-related matters.

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