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The Most Robust Grocery POS on the Market!

With our robust system that adapts to a business of any size, grocers will never have to worry about slow checkout lines or lost data.

Watch your business grow with Camaleon and compete with the bigger names! Camaleon is not only more appealing than those used in big supermarkets, it’s more powerful!

Your customers will get an improved checkout experience and your business productivity and sales will increase. It’s a win/win!

Main Features

  • Simplified checkout
  • Common products database
  • Security system integration
  • Custom barcode generator
  • Case break inventory tracking
  • Vendor price specials
  • EMV integration


Encourage Repeat Business!

Customer loyalty and accurate inventory management are the cornerstones of any successful clothing store. Reward your shoppers with customized loyalty programs and connect with them using text/email promotional campaigns. Camaleon will give you all the necessary tools, from tracking and maintaining inventory to online ordering, to run a profitable clothing store with a loyal customer base.

Main Features

  • Text/email marketing campaign
  • Discounts & promotions
  • Product performance reports
  • Custom barcode generator
  • Inventory management
  • Email receipts
  • Online ordering


Optimize Inventory Levels and Maximize Profits!

From single store to multi-location retailers, our liquor store POS will give instant insights on the well-being of your store through interactive web-based sales reports and comprehensive inventory management tools. Camaleon is a multi-platform, multi-device POS that allows you to perform checkout or update inventory from anywhere in the store and beyond.

Main Features

  • Common products database
  • Inventory by bottle/6-pack/case
  • Case break inventory tracking
  • Mix-and-Match pricing
  • Age verification


Build Stronger Customer Relationships!

Beauty industry professionals need a POS that lets them build and maintain personal relationships with their clients. Working closely with industry representatives, Camaleon has designed a POS solution that meets these specific needs.

Main Features

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Service/product history & pictures
  • Text/email marketing campaign
  • Inventory and reporting
  • Mobile payment solutions